Solidarity for Rural Development Organisation (SORUDEO) is a Self-Help rural community based development-oriented organisation, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit making and non-denominational organisation.

The organisation is rural base and all its initiatives does not discriminate on the basis of religion, politics, ethnicity, race, color, creed, national origin, age, disability, marital status, gender, language or any reason whatsoever. Everyone regardless of any status must be treated equally with respect and dignity. We endeavor to develop a family of humanity in the rural areas.

SORUDEO is committed to improve the lives of the vulnerable communities in the rural areas through poverty reduction, economic growth and social transformation.

The Organisation creates programs and projects with the community and for the community that improve the lives of those in need like rural women, people with disabilities (PWD), the sick like sicklers or HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). We have realized that women are the engine of development and children are our future.Therefore, to have a sustainable development and peace in any society, first develop women. And to educate children is to have a prosperous future.

We are committed in achieving our set organizational aim and objectives in line with our vision and missio

Our Team

Krzysztof Błażyca

projects coordinator

David Okullu

projects coordinator

Joanna Janisz Hezron

Medical and educational

Rafał Przybysz


Aleksandra Furman

Medical projects

Jacek Rakowski

“Home of hope” in Lusaka

History and Background

SORUDEO (Solidarity for Rural Development Organization) Africa started in October 2021 in Katowice in Poland established by Krzysztof Blazyca (journalist) and Rafal Przybysz (lawyer), as the continuation and supporting organisation for SORUDEO Uganda, which has benn established in 2015 in Kitgum (Uganda) by David Okullu, the catholic proist of the Archidiocese of Gulu. The zeals of SORUDEO is to eliminate hunger, poverty and violence in the rural areas through sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, social and economic rural development. We are committed and passionate to unlock the potentials of the rural communities and help them to discover that the answer to their hunger, poverty and violence is within them. Our initiatives and innovations are driven and owned by the poorest, the oppressed and the disadvantaged to give them strength to improve their own lives sustainably.

The organization acts with the help of ten other open-hearted and passionate members who experienced the wrath of the two decades of war in Northern Uganda. Northern Uganda suffered the wrath of political insurgency for 22 years and still suffers high rate of food insecurity, poverty and violence.

After participating in the US Professional Fellows Program in 2015 which was sponsored by American Government and hosted by ITD in Amherst-Massachusetts and Smith College-Massachusetts; thereafter acquiring incredible experiences, knowledge and encouragement from the American Government, friends and the people he visited in USA, Reverend David Okullu came back home to Uganda and decided with the help of ten open-hearted and passionate people, to transform SOFA into Solidarity for Rural Development Organisation (SORUDEO) as anon-profit development organization which has a global focus of creating share prosperity among rural community.   

We are indebted to Safe Passage-USA for their inspiration and many professionals in Uganda who put their heads together as volunteers in the formation of SORUDEO, including University professors, lawyers, teachers and University students. We are calling more people to join us as active supporters in the struggle to develop the rural areas.


Guiding philosophy

The philosophy and experience of SORUDEO is based on the reality that “all people are created equal and unique individually; and that we all have a right to a good: life, health, education, productive environment, economic progress and other basic human needs”.

Our motto

Togehter We Achieve


Love Africa

the call of
cardinal Charles Lavigerie ,
the founder of the missionary congregations
Missionaries of Africa and
The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa

Love the people you are sent.
Love Africa!